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5 Places You Can Wear Your Sock Shoes This Summer

Our little ones are natural adventurers! From the moment they are born, they are learning new senses; from sight, smell and touch, they are inquisitive and are taking in everything around them. As a parent, we are always wanting to expand their senses and outdoor play is such an important element to growing their little minds. 

According to the Australia Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority, ‘outdoor experiences are an important part of children’s healthy growth, learning, wellbeing and development’. They say that children who spend time in the outdoor environment, touching sand, grass, dirt or leaves, receive great health benefits that help stimulate their immune systems. 

Bearba was created with little ones in mind and we’re proud to be your child’s favourite when it comes to comfy, fun and outdoor-friendly shoes! We take a look at some of the best places your child can wear their Bearba Sock Shoes. 

At The Beach 

Oh, the beautiful beach! We are so lucky to be living in Australia, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s no surprise that our little ones grow up to be ocean lovers, with the smell of salty air and views of the glistening water. And don’t forget the sand! It’s where they’ll be making sandcastles, digging for shells and making sand angels. Mums, dads and caregivers, love Bearba Sock Shoes because they’re perfect for those fun trips to the beach! They are made with rubber soles that protect your little ones’ feet from the hot sand and provide enough protection from the rough shells/rocks underfoot. 

At River Rock Pools 

In summer, you’ll most likely be venturing out to have a swim and cool off so we recommend using our Bearba Sock Shoes to protect your child’s feet from slippery surfaces and murky water. Your child will want to play around the rocks and explore what’s in the water and more than likely, they’ll be walking along the leafy track to get there, so we recommend a Sock Shoe like Whiskers which has an adjustable sock that you can roll up to protect their ankles. 

At the Park 

Who doesn’t love playing at their local park? There are so many adventures and friends to make! Your little one will love their sock shoe when it comes to visiting the park and we can guarantee that mums and dads will too! We all know how dirty our little ones can get after a trip to the park, so all of our Sock Shoes are machine washable to make it a little easier for parents to clean after a day out. Simply pop the sock shoe in the washing and hang it dry as you normally would! It's as easy as that! It means that your little ones will be able to use their shoes for longer and you’ll be able to venture out without having to scrub clean your kid's (conventional) shoe! 

If your little one has just started walking, then more than likely they will love exploring new surfaces and new parts of the playground. Our Sock Shoes are made of lightweight rubber, which means that they are super grippy, ensuring that your little one won’t slip over on any new surface that they’re exploring.  

At their Kindy

Your little one will love their Bearba Sock Shoes during kindy/daycare days! Not only are they super cool and come with some very cute characters like the Rubber Ducky, they’re also loved by teachers and educators because they’re easy to use! Your little one can easily pop them on their feet and it’s a great way for them to learn some independence. They’re machine washable, so if they’ve somehow managed to get paint on them (because let’s face it, when don’t they get paint everywhere), then you can easily pop them in the washing. Easy peasy! Your little one will be the envy of their friends with our lovable designs and they may just want to show them off for ‘show and tell’. We can’t blame them!  

At the Shops

Hands up if you’ve ever needed to duck into the shops to grab some milk and bread and left home feeling flustered because your little one refused to put their shoes on!? This is a common issue we hear from parents - their child will simply refuse to put on their shoes. Our Sock Shoes are made of 100% cotton which means that they’re lightweight and they slip on really easily. No yucky hard soles, velcro or laces to worry about! Simply slip them on and your child won’t even know they’re on as they’re guaranteed to mimic barefoot walking. If your little one is fashion forward, then we’d recommend popping them in a pretty in pink Sock Shoe like the Sweetheart or the super dapper Boo Bear.

Where does your little one love wearing their Bearba Sock Shoe? We’d love to know or better yet, we love seeing them out and about so follow us on Instagram and tag @bearba_goldcoast. We are always here to help! If you have any questions or want to book a shoe fitting for your child, simply visit our website. 

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