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Why So Many Toddlers Love Bearba Sock Shoes

As a parent, it’s always an exciting milestone when your little one is showing signs of walking! Those first few moments when they start to grab onto furniture and then that exciting moment when they finally take their first steps. Congratulations, you’ve now got a walker! 

Did you know that a baby’s foot is padded with mostly fat and is very flexible? When children begin to walk between the ages of 8 - 18 months old, they’re building their muscle strength and it’s important to support their journey as they learn and master this new skill. Here at Bearba, we encountered the need for shoes that were kind to little feet, that supported them and mimicked barefoot walking (with the added support). 

Say hello to the Bearba Sock Shoe! Australian podiatrists recommend that first time walkers begin their journey with soft-soled shoes that are flexible, comfortable and fit to the natural shape of the feet. We are so glad to say that Bearba’s Sock Shoes are the best toddler shoes on the market and we can guarantee that you and your little one will agree! 

Why Bearba Sock Shoes Are The Best 

1. It mimics barefoot walking

Barefoot walking is ideal for first time walkers, so Bearba provides a lightweight option that mimics this. When you’re out and about, playing at the park or along the beach, you want that little bit of protection from rough and dirty surfaces, without the bulkiness of your average shoe. Bearba’s sock shoes provide an easy, slip on option that your little one will love to walk in. Best of all, they’re made to slip on and stay on (no more tantrums)!

2. They're made of the good stuff - perfect for little ones

All of our sock shoes are made with a breathable cotton sock and an anti-slip rubber sole, which is vegan friendly and made of TPR Rubber. Your child’s skin is precious and sensitive, so our cotton sock shoe provides great comfort for every season, including hot summers and chilly winters. It’s a great option if you’re little one doesn’t like the restriction of your average shoe that can be heavy and hard to move in.

3. They're kid (and parent) friendly

They’re an affordable and fuss free option for mums and dads! We all know what it’s like taking our kids to a park, playground or the beach. In some way or another, they’re guaranteed to come back with wet or dirty shoes! Bearba’s sock shoes are made to be machine washable which means your child will get more wear out of it. Simply throw their sock shoes in a wash bag and wash them with your regular cycle, then hang them in the sun to dry! Your child will be wearing their sock shoes the next day and for many more adventures. 

4. We guarantee you'll love them

The Happiness Guarantee is Bearba’s promise to you! We’re proud of the craftsmanship that goes into Bearba’s sock shoes and we can promise that they’re strong, durable and made from quality materials. We want you and your little one to be happy, so if our shoes ever tear, break, peel or rip within 30 days, we will replace them! We want to make sure you’re happy so we are here to make things easier for you and ensure that Bearba are the best sock shoe option for your child! 

We are always here to help! If you have any questions or want to book a shoe fitting for your child, simply visit our website. We can’t wait to be sole mates! 

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